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Asbestos is a cancer and lung disease hazard. Once considered the miracle mineral, it was commonly added to building products due to its high tensile strength and resistance to heat and corrosion. Asbestos can be found in a large variety of building materials including: drywall (joint mud), attic insulation, roofing material, wall insulation (cinderblock), linoleum flooring, textured ceilings/walls and ceiling tiles.

When asbestos containing building materials are disturbed due to renovations or unforeseen events, the asbestos fibers within the building materials can become airborne, leaving the carcinogenic dust free-floating, where it can become inhaled by a renovation crew and/or any other building occupants.

The ABI Hazmat Corporation has over 15 years of direct experience dealing with asbestos issues in homes, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings. We work directly with concerned homeowners, buyers and sellers to conduct asbestos surveys and determine any issues for future renovations or demolition.

The ABI Hazmat Corporation has extensive experience working with general contractors and high profile clients to manage asbestos issues for hospital projects, school seismic upgrades and large hotel renovations.

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ABI’s Laboratory Provides:

  • NIOSH 7400 Method ‘Asbestos and other Fibers in Air’ testing by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).
  • Same-day or next AM analysis and reporting of results.

Our Lab Analyst has the NIOSH 582/7400 Certificate of Completion for: Asbestos and other fibers in-air monitoring/ microscope analysis and has completed the AHERA training for a certified Asbestos Building Inspector.

We manage asbestos projects within the legal regulations of WorkSafeBC.