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Welcome to the ABI Hazmat Corporation – offering hazardous materials management services for Kamloops BC and all of the surrounding areas.

As one of the leaders in the industry for hazardous material assessments, our focus is to alleviate human health impacts caused by hazardous materials which can be found in many pre 1990 built buildings. We mitigate the potential effects that exposure can have on your health and will work hard to achieve goals to facilitate a safe environment and good workplace health.


Health and Safety / Environmental Technologists
Our Technologists have Completed NIOSH and AHERA Training
Over 20 years of Laboratory Analysis and Quality Control
Over 20 Years Testing for Asbestos, Mold and Lead in the air

Our Services include:

Asbestos Inventory

Mold Testing

Lead Testing

Radon Testing

Common Mistakes When Considering Hazardous Materials in Your Property

When buying a home, planning to remodel an existing home, or thinking about renovation projects, an issue that is almost certain to come up with houses built before 1990 is asbestos or lead contamination. Hazardous material specialists are certified and have a comprehensive understanding of biological waste, chemical substances, and toxic materials. A hazardous materials contractor is skilled in dangerous materials identification, handling, storage, and adequate transport and disposal.

Despite this knowledge, we sometimes take it for granted that our homes are safe and not detrimental to our health in any way. We underestimate the risks posed by substances like asbestos and radon in the air we breathe. We ignore lead contamination in our water and wonder why we have allergies and sicknesses when we have mould thriving in the basement or crawl spaces.


To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove costly, ABI Hazmat Corp has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when considering hazardous materials:


DIY home assessment

It may seem easy to watch a how-to video on Youtube and figure out how to go about renovating your home or basement. Still, with the risk of long-term health issues like cancer and lung diseases, it is very wise to first have the house checked for asbestos, mould, lead, and radon. Deciding to have your basement and home tested will ensure you and your family are healthy and prosperous for years to come.

Hiring a contractor who does not care

Not all hazardous material contractors are equal in terms of their abilities or their competence levels. Additionally, due to misleading claims made by uninformed publications, some contractors fail to take their role seriously and miss essential checks for materials like asbestos as they feel it is not a priority. You can be confident that ABI Hazmat will do a thorough and professional job for you.

Handling hazardous materials without the know-how

The proper handling of hazardous materials is detrimental to human health. For example, until about twenty-five years ago, we were woefully unaware of asbestos’ effects and hardly protected ourselves from asbestos fibres. Check that your professional hazardous waste management company is trained and equipped with advanced protective gear and machines to deal with any situation – at ABI Hazmat we follow the latest security protocols to keep our staff and clients safe.

Attempting to handle the project themselves

Tasks involving the transportation and disposal of hazardous materials are best left to the professionals. The handling of harmful materials does not just call for extensive paperwork to be filed – it also needs permissions and permits to take to landfill sites.

Not looking-before-they-leap

As mentioned before, houses built before 1990 can have various harmful materials used during construction. A mistake we often see is customers jumping into a renovation project and unknowingly disturbing the asbestos or lead, making it harder to clean-up and remove, which adds to overall costs.

To avoid these and other mistakes, call us at ABI Hazmat, your leading hazardous material consultant in Kamloops, BC. We offer various residential and commercial consulting services so you can have peace of mind when managing contamination from potentially hazardous materials. Our services include asbestos testing/inventory, mould testing and remediation scope of work, lead testing/removal scope of work, and radon testing. We serve clients across Kamloops, Merritt, Salmon Arm, Clearwater, Vernon, Kelowna, 100 Mile House, Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Barrière, Peachland, Penticton, Revelstoke, Quesnel, Williams Lake, Fort St. John, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, and the surrounding areas.