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Hazardous Materials Consultants in Kamloops, BC

As one of the leaders in the industry for hazardous material assessments, our focus is to alleviate human health impacts caused by hazardous materials which can be found in many pre 1990 built buildings. We mitigate the potential effects that exposure can have on your health and will work hard to achieve goals to facilitate a safe environment and good workplace health.            

Why Choose ABI Hazmat Corp?

  • Health & Safety | Environmental Technologist
  • Over 20 Years Laboratory Analysis & Quality Control
  • 20 Years Asbestos, Mould and Lead ‘In-Air’
  • 20 Years Hazardous Materials Abatement Management  
  • Certified Technologist with NIOSH and AHERA Training
Why choose ABI Hazmat Corp



Asbestos is a cancer and lung disease hazard. Once considered the miracle mineral, it was commonly added to building products due to its high tensile strength and resistance to heat and corrosion. Asbestos can be found in a large variety of building materials including: drywall (joint mud), attic insulation, roofing material, wall insulation (cinderblock), linoleum flooring, textured ceilings/walls and ceiling tiles.

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